Thursday, May 20, 2010

El Jefe Loco Runs Over Cameraman's Leg

I have decided this. From now on, Diego Maradona should be known as ... El Jefe Loco.

Can we agree on this? Diego "El Jefe Loco" Maradona?

This is my contribution to the 2010 World Cup. Along with Bafana Bafana Bafana (two is nice, but three is better) and the Four Lions.

So, yes, today, El Jefe Loco ran over the leg of a TV cameraman.

And his reaction? That of a crazy person. Of course.

El Jefe Loco blamed it on the cameraman. See, his leg got stuck under his wheels. How rude is that.

EJL apparently called the man an "asshole" ... presumably in Spanish. Though some people are amused by the concept of bad words in another language.

A guy who runs over a cameraman, no matter how intrusive, and then blames the cameraman for the incident, shouting "asshole" at him ...

Wouldn't all of us like Argentina's chances to win the World Cup a lot better ... if the team were coached by anybody other than El Jefe Loco?

This will end badly. And prematurely.

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