Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zuma's Cheating No. 2 Wife?

We have put up well over 300 entries on this blog since it began last July, and this may be, oh, about No.50 about how South Africa 2010 will be unlike any World Cup to come before.

And here is No. 51:

Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, apparently is returning from a state visit in India to have a family meeting at which will be discussed the paternity of the child his pregnant second wife is carrying. The news here being, the family apparently isn't sure the child is the president's.

In theory, I suppose, such a story could have made headlines ahead of World Cups over the past 80 years ... but the reality is, they did not.

It occurs to me, an outsider to South African and Zulu culture (Zuma is a Zulu), that part of the problem here might be that Prez Zuma has four wives. Or is it five?

(OK, I've checked, and it appears to be four wives. He had a fifth wife, but she committed suicide in a decade ago. For more, see the "personal life" section of this link.)

What is a bit confusing is the contention, in the Johannesburg Times, that the potentially cheating wife is Zuma's "second wife" when she appears to have been the fourth woman to marry him.

Oops. OK. Figured this out, too. Zuma divorced his original second wife, and the original No. 3 was the suicide, so the original No. 4 moves up to "second wife" status. She, by the way, is 35. The Prez is 68.

Anyway, a head of state and openly discussed issues with his polygamy and parentage ... not something you will see at every World Cup.
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