Saturday, April 3, 2010

Diego Bitten during Kiss Goodnight

This would be vaguely sweet if it weren't so obviously silly.

Diego Maradona, he who was hospitalized and took sutures when his dog bit him ... was "saying goodnight" to his Shar Pei when he got nipped. Well, more than nipped. He needed 10 stitches to close a wound on his lip.

Read about it here. It's just too good.

There's a joke here somewhere about kissing dogs ... Make one up yourself.

His doctor says Diego told him "it's common he gets close to the dog like this before he goes to bed."

Have we already suggested that Diego is capable of anything ... and anything can happen to him?

Well, we're saying it again.

And, meantime, he may want to keep his face out of his dog's face. That might have been the clearest message here. "Hey, dude, back off. You're creeping me out."
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