Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Becks in WC? All Up to Ancelotti

Will David Beckham be with England in the 2010 World Cup?

Don't ask Fabio Capello.

Ask Carlo Ancelotti.

Capello, England's manager, effectively booted responsibility for Becks' World Cup future right over to his countryman, Ancelotti -- Beckham's coach at AC Milan.

Weird way to make a national team, but there you are -- if media reports are accurate.

As you might have seen in the story, if you followed the link ... is Capello essentially saying, "sure, Becks makes our team ... as long as he's playing regularly for AC Milan."

Beckham is being loaned to the Seria A contender from the Los Angeles Galaxy again this year. And if he is fit (that is, plays regularly), Capello is ready to take him, he said.

Meaning this is up to, Signore Ancelotti.

If Ancelotti puts Beckham in his First XI and pretty much leaves him there ... then Capello's decision is made for him. Or so he says.

Seems sort of a weasel-ly way to make a decision on one of the world's best-known players -- even if he no longer is anywhere near close to one of its best players, as he closes in on age 35 (in May).

Becks is really good at only one aspect of soccer, and that's placing with great precision a ball he has struck while it was at rest.

He probably helped his cause with his appearance on stage at the World Cup Draw in Capetown on Dec. 4. It was a canny move on the part of Team Beckham, seeming to tie him to the tournament.

And perhaps Capello now feels pressed to take the aging midfielder with the team and is ready to capitulate -- as long as Ancelotti plays Beckham in Milan between now and May.

So, Becks in South Africa? You'll know by checking the starting lineups for AC Milan.
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