Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maradona Given Two Months in 'Thinking' Chair

That's what they call it, in kindergarten. The "thinking chair."

It's where the teacher sends the errant little brat ... to remove him from the the scene where he is acting up and acting out. As punishment.

Diego Maradona, the 49-year-old kindergartner (and Argentina's coach), will spend the next two months in the thinking chair. It's not long enough.

Fifa announced today it is suspending Maradona from all soccer-related activities, effective today -- which is hardly any punishment at all.

Maradona will miss exactly one national match. And from what we know of him, he'll spend a big chunk of that time in a weight-loss clinic or a rehab clinic, anyway, same as he would have if he were actively carrying out his coaching duties.

One might think that the Argentina federation would take this opportunity to ask their boorish and foolish coach not to come back, thank you, but that would make too much sense. Argentina seems committed to a guy who was a great player (but an idiot coach), right up till they lose in the first knockout game of the 2010 World Cup. Assuming they survive group play.

Dieguito also was fined about $25,000, which the federation probably will pay.

About the only good part of this? Maradona won't be at the World Cup draw in Cape Town on Dec. 5. The affair can unfold with no worries that Diego Maradona will start hurling profanities at anyone who doesn't kiss his ring.
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