Sunday, November 22, 2009

Also, Note the Counter is Going to Hit 200 Days

Two hundred days until kickoff of South Africa 2010. We counted down right past that during this 24-hour period.

Seems like a long time but ...

Two hundred days is just 18 days over half a year.

Napoleon's return to France from Elba, his recapture of the government and his career-ending Battle of Waterloo ... all of that took less than 100 days.

For Americans ... the period of time during which Franklin Roosevelt pushed through his massive social programs, in 1933, is known as The Hundred Days.

Two hundred days is only a little more than two seasons of the year.

Two hundred days is 35 times as long as the map-changing Six Day War of 1967 between Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Syria. It is also 26 days longer than the 1982 Falklands War between England and Argentina.

Two hundred days is less time than it takes for a human to be conceived and be born. Usually.

Anyway ... we're getting close.
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