Sunday, November 1, 2009

Maradona, 'Violent Emotion' and His Job Future

The investigation of Diego Maradona's profane outburst directed at reporters on Oct. 14 has begun.

The lawyer for the Argentine Football Association said the national team's coach was in a state of "violent emotion" when he directed lewd remarks at journalists after Argentina qualified for the World Cup in its 18th (and last) match in South American competition.

So, the question is ... is "violent emotion" an excuse? An explanation? Or should we expect more from the man in charge of one of the planet's top teams?

As the story notes, Maradona could be suspended up to five matches, if he is found to have been out of order. Well, he was out of order. Out of order enough that FIFA actually does something about it and punishes an oftimes sacred cow.

If that punishment comes down -- and it would be a shock if it does -- Argentina would have to think hard about sending the squad to South Africa with Diego in charge.

So, he made the tournament. Does anyone really think he can get Argentina deep into the tournament, given his record (two victories in nine qualifying matches) and clearly fragile emotional state?

Could he get Argetnaine out of group play ... before losing his stuff? Past one round of knockout play? To the championship match?

I think not. Here, then, is an excuse for Argentina to uncouple itself from its moody, explosive, irrational coach ... and get someone who can run a team without "violent emotion."
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