Monday, January 4, 2010

Becks Media Tour Continues

What's with English players? They can go a year without generating a paragraph of printable quotes, on the record. Then when they feel like turning it on ... they're all over the place.

Remember that lengthy David Beckham piece from yesterday? Well, you ought to. It just appeared.

But now here's another Becks interview. One that he gave to chose to lead with "Becks fears Messi." Which is curious, because Messi has never done much for the Argentine national team, and especially not since Diego Maradona took over as coach.

To sum up, if you didn't follow the link ...

Asked whom England has who can compare to Messi, Beckham was diplomatic and named half the first XI. When, of course, England has no one like Messi.

He stroked coach Fabio Capello a bit more. He's really getting good at it.

And he said his best and worst World Cup memories both came with Argentina on the pitch. In 1998, in an infamous match at St. Etienne, Becks stepped on the head of, who was it, Diego Simeone? And got red-carded, and England finally went down, after playing a man short for an hour or so. That was the worst memory. And the best, he said, was at the 2002 World Cup, when he scored on a penalty in a victory over the Argentines.

Maybe tomorrow we can hear from someone who isn't the CEO of Team Beckham.
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