Sunday, May 23, 2010

El Jefe Loco and the Deluxe Loo

Mixing some Spanish and English-English there. And even I am weary of noting the antics/foibles/madness of Diego Maradona, but this cannot go unremarked.

Our friend, David Lassen, passed along the Daily Mail version of this ... but we have returned to the original source, the Johannesburg Times, for this breaking story:

The Times reports that El Jefe Loco demands and is getting world-class toilets for the World Cup.

One might think El Jefe would have other preoccupations about now.

But no. Having the best bathroom in South Africa is a bigger priority for El Jefe Loco than, oh, anything. Like breaking down film of practice of studying opponents or dreaming up his latest utterly random lineup.

He now has the best bathroom fixtures in the world, including a bidet with a bunch of gadgets (as you can see in the Daily Mail story) ... so that when El Jefe retires to his office he can think deep thoughts while in the lap of luxury.

All paid for by Argentina's football association. Of course.

So, let's review. In recent weeks, El Jefe Loco has ... been bitten on the face while "kissing goodnight" his own dog, requiring a trip to the emergency room at a hospital and stitches ... has run over the leg of a video cameraman and rebuked him for getting his limb in the way of his wheels, shouting "asshole!" at him ... and now made such a stink about his bathrooms in his hotel suite that he is making even more news about something that has nothing to do with Argentina soccer.

That he is considered the biggest joke in the coaching fraternity goes without saying. But it is worse than that.

He is mad, I tell you. Daft. Barking. Muy loco.

And we have yet to see how he will manage it, but I am convinced he will make so many horrific decisions with the Argentina team that what might be the best club in the world, on paper, will not make the final, let alone win it.

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