Friday, April 2, 2010

Up Next: Copyright on 'World'

Fifa is outta control!

Three South African companies that make calendars are going to take the world soccer organizing body to court over its claims that "2010" is an intellectual property belonging to Fifa.

No. Really.

Here is the story.

The Johannesburg Sunday Times pokes fun at the concept, a big, by putting one of those little "TM" notations after the number 2010. You know, just in case Fifa's legal beagles go after the newspaper.

Seems hard to imagine that Fifa could actually sue the companies for "breach" of special legislation passed a year ago.

What's next? Newspapers printed with only the day and the month -- and not the year?

Schoolkids warned to leave 2010 off the papers they turn in?

Sports leagues referring to the "season after the 2009 season" when talking about 2010?

Or maybe a Fifa lawyer calling me up and demanding we change the name of this blog from countdown-sa2010 to something else. Perhaps countdown-safifaworldcup2010?

I wouldn't put anything past these guys.

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  1. And I thought the NFL was obnoxious when it tried to trademark "Big Game" to keep people from circumventing the use of "Super Bowl."

    -- David Lassen