Friday, April 23, 2010

Platini Trashes Domenech

That one had to sting.

France's coach, Raymond Domenech, being pilloried by French soccer hero Michel Platini?


That's like a German being rubbished by Frank Beckenbauer. A Dutchman being lambasted by Johan Cruyff.

Platini not only was a great player, like those other two he has become a very important administrator. (President of UEFA, to be precise.)

And when he levelled some blasts at coach Domenech and the French team ... well, that says something, and it's not good, for France.

We have not been impressed with Domenech for some time now, going back to qualifying for this World Cup. Well, actually, back to Euro 2008, when the French stunk it up. And Domenech had that bizarre episode (mentioned by Platini) where he proposed to his girlfriend during a postgame session with the media.

Weird, is what it was.

What has been more telling was France's huge struggled throughout the South Africa 2010 qualifying process despite having considerable talent. (More than Platini gives France credit for.) The runner-up finish, the playoff victory over Ireland aided by the infamous Theirry Henry handball.

France has never seemed comfortable or particularly organized under Domenech. That team just doesn't look quite right, and it has been fairly amazing that France kept him on when it had a perfect opportunity to replace him after that close call vs. the Irish at Stade de France.

So, there it is. Platini says France has a "Domenech problem" ... and limited talent. The country's biggest soccer authority has quit on this French team. Pretty rough.

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