Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gag Me: An Award for Sepp

This is one of those cheesy moments when the country that gets to host some major sports event ... gives a major award to the president of that organization. The IOC or Fifa, which Sepp Blatter runs.

Cuz why? Because they happened to be in charge when the event was awarded to the host country. (That's why guys like Juan Antonio Samaranch have lots of hardware in their living rooms.)

And that makes them deserving ... how? What did they do for humanity or for your country?

Well, nothing, really. Everything honchos like Sepp do is for their organizations, and usually for its bottom line.

Sepp Blatter is not a visionary for "taking" the World Cup to Africa. He did it because he believes Fifa has business to do there and money to make. The End.

Also, Sepp didn't take the World Cup to SA. It was a vote by the fairly small executive membership. Maybe South Africa really ought to give awards to the key guys in that voting. Like, say, Jack Warner of Trinidad, president of Concacaf.

Anyway, yeah: When hosts start giving medals to sports presidents ... gag reflexes suddenly become engaged.

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