Sunday, March 7, 2010

Update on South Africa Stadiums

If you don't follow the Johannesburg Sunday Times as I do ...

The newspaper today did an update on the 10 stadiums that will be used for South Africa 2010.

Here is a capsule appraisal, stadium-by-stadium.

To see what it all means, check your team's schedule and see where they will play.

You probably don't want your lads playing in Nelspruit, where the stadium has no grass -- fewer than 100 days from kickoff. You may have some issues seeing matches in Cape Town, where the nearest rail line is several miles from the stadium. Ellis Park, in Joburg, has parking issues.

Oh, and back to Nelspruit: The Times warns that it will be dark, very dark, as you enter the parking lot.

Good stuff to know.

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