Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Zuma: Outrage from Columnist

South Africa seems to be annoyed, mostly, with President Jacob Zuma. Or maybe it's just their version of the chattering classes.

He managed to make some news, anyway. That 20th (or so) child he sired, at age 67. And now there are stories suggesting he intends to marry the child's mother -- the daughter of one of his former best friends, apparently -- which would be his sixth marriage and give him four wives concurrently.

Anyway, a woman who writes for the Johannesburg Times pretty much went off on the Prez today. Suggesting he has more sperm cells than brain cells. And like that.

You can see that column here. It's the one under the headline, "A Taint on Our Highest Office."

She suggests that "as a woman and a South African, I am outraged."

Meanwhile, the expected support from Zuma sycophants is building. A student group with connections to the government suggested to report on Zuma's latest conquest shows a lack of respect for the elderly. Really. If you don't believe me, here's the link.

Anyway, Zuma is getting a lot of attention. (The Times notes in this story how much reaction is going on, some of it from overseas.)

Lots of attention. Nothing to do with the World Cup, though. Except a sort of odd guilt by association.

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