Thursday, February 18, 2010

England's Heir and Spare to See SA2010

Wills and Harry are coming! Wills and Harry are coming!


Don't you always get a bit embarrassed when people from countries without native royalty ... get all weak in the knees over the British royals?

South Africa may be about to demonstrate this.

The Johannesburg Times is reporting, and attributing it to The Daily Mail, that princes William and Harry will be in South Africa for at least part of the 2010 World Cup.

Be still, my beating heart!

William and Harry are Nos. 2-3 on the in-line-to-the-throne list, behind their father, Prince Charles. (Their mother was Diana Spencer, who died in an automobile crash in Paris in 1997.)

Wills' and Harry's proximity to the throne (even a powerless one) seems to get people fired up. People who have forgotten they are anti-royal republicans or democrats or comrades, etc.

Anyway, I suppose this is good for the 2010 World Cup. A bit more buzz with those guys around for however long it is.

They apparently will see England play at least once. Imagine how fired up the English players will be knowing the Heir and the Spare (as they were once known) are watching. Yeah.

William turns 29 during the World Cup. Henry (Harry's actual name) is 25.

The two of them apparently are sharing a house, and they generally don't travel together, and why I'm still writing about this, I don't know.

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