Saturday, January 16, 2010

We Have Maradona to Kick Around Again

Diego Maradona has served his two-month suspension for using vile language while talking to reporters after Argentina clinched a spot in the World Cup.

We've missed him. When the biggest fool among the 32 coaches in South Africa 2010 is absent ... the comedic value of the event just plummets.

Diego will kick off his return by flying to Pretoria to check out Argentina's base camp for the 2010 World Cup. Though the Argentines may not need it past the group phase of the event.

You wouldn't think he could do much damage there, in Pretoria, looking at a hotel and some practice fields. No players to confuse. No game plans to mess up. No lineups to pull out of his hat.

Unless he starts spewing obscenities at South African reporters, perhaps.

Welcome back, Diego.

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