Thursday, January 7, 2010

That's Why Fifa Inspects the Stadiums

Fifa went through South Africa to see the condition of its 10 new stadiums, and nine passed. Which isn't bad.

The 10th was Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit, perhaps the least-known city (and venue) in the 2010 World Cup.

The field at Nelspruit has drainage issues, and Fifa wants them fixed.

The cost of replacing the field is estimated at 5 million rand -- which is $680,000. Which is real money, but nothing compared to the original $145 million cost to build the stadium.

Nelspruit is the farthest north and east (close to Mozambique, actually) of the nine World Cup cities (Johannesburg has two stadiums), which means it also has the warmest climate -- because going north in South Africa is moving closer to the equation.

Nelspruit has a population of about 220,000, and why it needs a 45,000-capacity, $145 million stadium isn't quite clear. But there you are. And it will have a field that drains, too.

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  1. If "they" can build a 45,000-capacity stadium in 220,000-person Nelspruit, S.A., "they" should build one in 220,000-person Inland Empire, Ca., where there would actually be infrastructure to support it. Though it'd be near impossible to build and arena that size for just $145 million in California.