Sunday, January 3, 2010

Becks Speaks at Length

No, we don't get enough news about England or its most famous soccer lad, David Beckham.

Becks did an extended interview with BBC radio and, actually, extended interviews are a rarity in British journalism. British papers will run a 72-point headline (that's big) over a five paragraph story based on one half-sentence of utterance that may have been overheard before a player boarded a bus. There just isn't much access to players, in Britain.

So, this story is fairly meaty.

What has Becks got to say?

For one, he credits Fabio Capello with giving English football some swagger and attitude.

He says he will play anywhere on the field for AC Milan, which he is joining this week on loan from the Los Angeles Galaxy.

He will do anything to make the World Cup team. Up to and including BBC stroking of the coach. (See above.)

He looks forward to trying to sell England's bid for the 2018 World Cup. Which seems to be a factor in Capello's willingness to put him on the South Africa 2010 team.

And he remains a Manchester United fan and wants ManU to win every time out -- except when it plays AC Milan later this year in the Champions League.

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