Saturday, December 5, 2009

Oh, And a Million Tickets on Sale Today

If you have, oh, $10,000 in spare change lying about, and want to go see some matches at South Africa 2010 ... this is the time to get busy buying.

One million tickets went on sale today, the last big chunk of tickets offered to foreigners.

What the story I linked to, above, doesn't tell you is ... you need to go to to buy tickets.

Here is a link to the ticketing starting page.

And if any of you actually do buy tickets, send me an e-mail, so I can ask you how cool it is to have a confirmation for South Africa 2010.

If you're an American or a Brit, you won't be the only one in-country. Sources in the U.S. bought 84,000 tickets from the first batch and English bought 49,000 ... and it looks almost certain those two will be the biggest groups of fans, aside from the home team. Of course.

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