Sunday, December 27, 2009

In Case You're Thinking of Driving in SA ...

South Africa is a difficult place to move around in. You take a commuter plane, you may exit it somewhere off the end of the runway. You take a train, it could collide with another.

You go for a drive, and you end up dead.

The Jo-burg Times has the fairly horrifying December road toll death statistics here.

So, say you're an English fan and you want to see the Three Lions play. Match 1 is in Rustenburg, near Johannesburg.

Match 2 is in Capetown, which is 900 miles road miles away.

Match 3 is in Port Elizabeth, which is 500 road miles from Capetown.

(Oh, and an update on the air situation: Most of the Airlink fleet has been grounded for safety reasons. The good news is, you can't travel on those scary planes. The bad news is, you can't travel at all.)

So, that's 1,400 miles of group-round travel for England fans. By planes, trains or automobiles. And all are scary options.

Pcik your poison, fans.

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