Monday, November 16, 2009

Sad Story of Goalkeeper's Suicide

Robert Enke, 32, was one of the top goalkeepers in Germany. He had a chance to be Germany's starting keeper at South Africa 2010.

Enke, however, committed suicide last week, stunning the world of German soccer.

The episode was a bit overlooked, coming as it did just before a round of key qualifying matches.

But now we have time to link to the main news story, here ...

Followed by some of the stories that came in subsequent days.

Here is a story about how he apologized to teammates in a suicide note.

And here is another about Germany returning to practice today, after cancelling a friendly with Chile last Saturday. The Germans have a match with Ivory Coast on Wednesday.

Enke was buried next to his 2-year-old daughter, who died of a heart infection in 2006.

The whole thing is very sad. It just demonstrates, anew, that successful athletes are not immune to mental illness. Money, fame ... it doesn't inoculate anyone.

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