Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beckham's Path to World Cup Smoothed

We've all been worrying our pretty heads over this. Or maybe we're worrying about David Beckham's pretty head.

Anyway, it appears the path is clear for Beckham to make his triumphant return to World Cup action. Or at least to a World Cup roster.

The boss of AC Milan says a loan deal with the Los Angeles Galaxy of Major League Soccer is finished. All it lacks are signatures. (A minor detail, right?)

Becks will return to Milan for the second half of the Seria A season, beginning in January ... a pre-condition, according to England coach Fabio Capello, for Becks contending for a spot on the England team.

(Taking the winter off, then spending a few months early in the MLS season with the Galaxy apparently doesn't pass muster as proper preparation for South Africa 2010.)

It's not entirely clear why England needs its "bend it like" poster boy. He seems to be about their fourth choice at right mid, realistically.

But there seems to be some odd, cosmic force behind Beckham ... pressing for his inclusion on the England team. Just to bring it a dash more celebrity, or something? To satisfy the yearnings of global fans who don't quite realize he isn't the player he once was?

Perhaps because the WAGs won't be as fun without prissy, pouty Victoria?

Barring injury, or some massive and complete loss of form at Milan -- which is possible, when a player is going to turn 34 in May -- it seems as if Capello is ready to find a place for Becks.

We're so relieved.

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