Friday, August 21, 2009

Brazil Recalls Adriano to Team

Adriano is a sort of Brazilian prototype/soccer cliche. Technically gifted, athletically precocious, globally prominent in his early 20s ... and facing burnout and weight problems well before he reaches 30. It seems to be a sort of Brazilian archtype, in recent years, with Ronaldo being the prime example.

Adriano was close to some sort of collapse earlier this year. He was dumped by Seria A club Inter Milan in April and heading back to Brazil and just about disappeared for a time.

But now he appears to be back, in form, and he's in the team.

Next up is to see if he does any damage against Argentina, Brazil's arch-rival, when the two nations meet in a South America qualifier, Sept. 5.

Here is the Rueters story about Adriano being welcomed back by Dunga, the national team coach.

It helps that Adriano is off to a fast start with Brazilian club team Flamengo, with 10 goals in 16 matches.

Adriano has a history of scoring against Argentina, which also recommends him for the coming match. A match that is key to both sides; Brazil can all but clinch a spot in the top four (guaranteed berths to South Africa) with a victory. Argentina will be in peril of not finishing in the top four if it loses, at home.

Adriano allegedly has had personal problems exacerbated by the death of his father. Some have suggested alcohol abuse is/was involved.

As we suggested in the previous post, we doubt Dunga will allow anyone on the team to get out of hand, and it might be good for Adriano to have that sort of discipline in his life. As well as to make a difference for Brazil in a big match.

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